Wepre CP School Head TeacherFrom Our Head Teacher

I have great pleasure in welcoming you all to Ysgol Wepre.

Every child should have the best possible education and it is our aim to establish a system that provides each child with the opportunity to reach their full potential. It is each child’s right to be happy, to feel valued and safe. At Ysgol Wepre we believe that we will offer your child the experiences which will provide these things; a good quality learning experience and a happy, safe environment.

We want to ensure that a broad, balanced and full education programme is provided and that is achieved through high standards of teaching and learning. The school is very proud of the ethos and atmosphere, which permeates every aspect of school; friendliness, respect and co-operation are of great importance to us all. The essence of any successful establishment is purposeful teamwork, not only staff but all members connected to the school. The child is at the centre of everything we do and they need to be encouraged to be actively involved in their own education.

Visitors often comment on the warm welcome they receive and the politeness of our children. We strive to give the children the opportunity to reach out into the community and gain as wide a palate of experiences as is possible. We certainly believe that extra curricular visits and activities enhance the formal aspects of our children’s education. The staff enjoy taking the children on out-of-school activities because they are proud of them and they are indeed a credit to the school.

The teachers at the school are committed, take their responsibilities extremely seriously and involve themselves in all aspects of school life. I feel very privileged to work so closely with children and actively impact on their formative years. Although we provide an education for pupils whilst in our school, we are also aware that we are preparing pupils for other challenges and experiences that lie ahead. Children’s energy and enthusiasm is innate, we need to encourage and excite pupils so they are fully engaged in all aspects of their education. Learning should be a positive experience and is a skill they will require through the rest of their lives.

It is our aim to provide a good school for all pupils coupled with high ambitions at all levels. We want to make all connected to the school very proud of our achievements. The challenge today is for us to light that fire in the minds of our students, sparking enthusiasm, drive and a desire to succeed. We want to stimulate that thirst for knowledge so that they leave this school with genuine ambitions and dreams and believing that their goals can be achieved. If our school can do that, then we have succeeded.

Mr S Davies
Head Teacher/Prifathro