Absence and Punctuality

Attendance at school is very important. In the context of children’s learning today it is of even greater importance. If your child is away from school due to illness or some other unavoidable reason, please inform the school in writing or by telephone as soon as possible so that the absence can be authorized. Please ensure your child gets to school on time in the morning.

Taking holidays in term time
We request that parents do not take holidays during term time. Continued absence from school can have a detrimental effect on a child’s education.
Pupils are not entitled to have days off for holidays.

We believe that it is very important that children from a very early age become accustomed to getting to school on time. All children should be on the school premises by the time that the bell goes at 8.55am. This means that all classes can make a prompt start to the work at 9.00am

Pupils who arrive late for school, must enter at the main entrance and register in our late arrival register in the school office, before going to their class. The Headteacher in liaison with the Inclusion Welfare Officer will investigate persistent lateness of pupils.

Pupils Leaving School (during the school day)
Similarly, pupils who leave school during the school day for medical appointments, illness etc., must register out at the school office before leaving the premises.